When The Tide Brought Us Together

<<…We didn’t know we were making memories, we only knew we were having fun…>>

Is this quote familiar to you? When we wrote it as a caption in one of our first picture (While we were rocking the dancefloor), around three years ago in a party, honestly we were not sure of the true meaning of this quote, neither we imagined what we were about to live.
First things first, let us introduce ourselves. We are Brenda, Hazel & MJ. And ready to embark (literally) on a new adventure onboard one of the many cruiseships around the world, ready to begin this new adventure, three friends that meet randomly, and in a record time, became the best traveling mates.
Did someone think that to life onboard was only work and money?… Well think again!
Something true, is that being a crewmember is not an easy task, but I can guarantee you that it is gratifying. It is an environment and a life; let’s call it, “Interesting” full of challenges, experiences, and people from all around the world, I mean, you name it. And that is where, three complete strangers from different nationalities, met for the very first time. On a  cruise ship sailing from Seattle in USA and where the first stories began to be written.
In the same way that it would happen working back home (I meant to say, on land). The first day of work can be overwhelming. Because, let’s be honest, a new place, new work environment, new colleagues, new routines and new challenges, those are not things that could be overlook, when you begin to discover the pros and cons of «That» change you were looking for. It happens to everyone, and definitely working on board is no exception, of course it can involve a lot more «Sacrifice» because you practically must be prepared to move constantly and live in a «Floating Hotel» (As many would call it) for a few months, leaving behind your home, family and friends. But as tragic as this might sound, it really is not so much, or well it does not feel that way once you’re all settle.
We want to tell you, how we did to alleviate, a bit, this transition and how it was to meet and learn to live with total and complete strangers, turning them into «family» away from home.
How was our first encounter? It could be considered as «First Encounter» the night when the three of us decided to go for a few drinks after work and just hang out for a while. Obviously one of us acted as an intermediary to meet and introduce ourselves. Although sometimes these introductions are not as expected, that night was the exception. Three girls with so little and at the same time a lot in common. Three different countries, same language, different positions, living on the same place, different ages, but with the same desire to eat the world, were met.
We could also add, that our «First trip» to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada; was a «Major Fail» because one of us fell asleep after that «Casual» night of only «A couple of drinks», so we decided to postpone it, or better to say, we cancelled that trip, because we never tried again to visit the Butchart gardens. But eventually there were many trips, which we will share in detail in future posts. However, and without really realizing it (I would like to say little by little, but the truth is when you live on a ship that term does not apply) we got closer in a matter of a few days and in less than you would think we were already making plans for future visits to some place in the world that our «Floating Hotel» would take us. Shopping, sharing breakfasts, lunches and dinners together, with perhaps some other good friends who joined. But at the end of the day we were the three of us, always the three girls, sharing tea after work and reunions before going for a dance or a «Movie Night» in our more “Relaxing” days. And not to mention when there was time to «Party», there we should be, against all odds, regardless of the hours of sleep we were missing, because if you are or were a crew member, you know what we are talking about. When inside of you, hidden, from some strange place that you did not know, you take out the strength that you needed to owe your body more sleep hours, that no matter how much you swear and swear to yourself, that someday you will recover, «Let’s face it» you will never recover.
Could we choose the most memorable moment of our adventures? Well I do not know if we could, the truth is there are too many that come to our minds.  However, the stories of our first hangouts are our favorites. Let’s go back to the part where we talk about one of our first nights together. «The Beach Party», a party organized by the «Crew» for the «Crew». This type of theme parties usually take place on board at least once a month, they are so much fun and parties that many crew members are waiting for the whole month, why? Simply because many times they are the scene of new romances, new dramas, another reason to drink as if you were on vacation, the perfect excuse to do what you wanted a few days ago, but sobriety did not allow you. Between drinks that come and go, strangers without real reasons to approach you, trying to establish a fake conversation that could guarantee them not to leave the place alone and, as I mentioned before, the inside dramas that do not really matter when you are back in the real world (Home). But between everything always something or someone makes the difference and it was our friendship, gathered at a table, talking, joking, laughing at everything. Discovering and learning from each one of us.
And of course, you need to know, like the order you placed online, NOTHING is perfect and therefore a trip or the perfect company does not exist either. Even if you decide to take start the journey, planning ahead in detail, alone or with your best friends, a family member or even your partner. There will always be differences between you, and although it might sound like a cliché, that is where the key to «Success» of coexistence lies. And this you would not be able to discover, if it wasn’t for these incredible people that crossed paths with. That, regardless of the distance, the months and even sometimes years separated, they will always find a way to be there and make you company.
And what they say is true << Nobody can’t take away from you what you lived >> and that is exactly what this moment brought to our lives, because, although it could or can be «Short & Sweet», these are the memories that you will take with you a lifetime .
We jumped into the pool, with many plans in mind, not knowing that some of them would change along the way and if you ask me, was it really worth it? I would tell you a thousand times, Yes, it was all worth it.
This is where all the motivational, travel and lifestyle quotes from Pinterest apply, because << You only live once >> and it’s very true. So, if you are thinking of packing your things and packing your bags ready to get on a new adventure, either alone or accompanied, with a plan or without one, I would say do not think twice, because this may be the opportunity, that no matter your age, It could give you that little push or the total turn to your life that you were in need of.
Taking distance from the everyday routine, knowing and experiencing in first hand new cultures, are just some of the benefits you will have just by daring to live the life that many people expect «someday» to become a reality, and correct, it is not easy, but waking up every day in a new place is really exciting and even unreal sometimes, that feeling can balance any bad moment you may be going through.
So, if you decide that it will only be for a short time or an indefinite one. We challenge you to do it and experience for yourself the changes of “what could be” one of the best experiences of your life. You’ll never know unless you try. It may be on board a cruise (Like us), on a plane or following the lines of the road; on vacation, for work or simply in search of a new adventure. any excuse is valid if you just try.
And if you already took the traveling path, we would like to hear from you. What was the biggest challenge you faced when doing it? Did you find those «partners in crime» we’re talking about? What was that moment you would like to return to one and a thousand times more? We are waiting for you in the comments.
Bon Voyage!
With ♥

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