Alaska: Helicopter tour around the glaciers and dog sledding

Alaska is known as “the last frontier”. In Alaska you can do impressive tours, and to go in them gives the opportunity to enjoy everything Alaska has to offer, and also that way we recommend it to all passengers and tourists to have the same experience.

Specifically in this tour, (which we are going to talk about) showed me the entire history of this American state, its origin and to discover all the breathtaking beauty.

The ship docks in between a mountain and the sea where is impossible not to look around to the gigantic trees and white Mountains that inspire so much peace, the deep blue sea and of course a soft breeze that even though it was summer you will always feel the cold. It is impossible not to end up shocked with so much beauty.

Skayway is one of the smallest ports, but with good quantity of open air activities: the tour of glaciers, dog sled, fishing and barbecue of Salmon (very famous in this area), White Pass Yukon train (it goes to the last frontier that connects Canada and USA) and the tour of the golden rush.

We cannot forget that Alaska is well known because of gold searching in the rivers, which ended in the year of 1960. This state was property of Russia until the year 1867. Until they decided to sell it to USA for around 7.2 millions of dollars, then Alaska was recognized as the #47 state of USA. This is why when you travel around Alaska still you can see much of the Russian influence in their clothing, food, and the famous “Matrioshka” or wooden dolls that are sold around the stores.

For this type of adventure, you must know there are 2 options: In the first option they take you flying around the beautiful and gigantic glaciers in a helicopter (same time they explain how it forms), then they land in the base camp in between the mountains and glaciers, where there is so much snow and ice, There you will find the cute dogs and the puppies that live there, they have their little houses. 

The dogs are taken care of in a very special way, where the temperatures go very low. The tour guide gives us an explanation about the dogs and the puppies, also about all the care they require.

The second option is to do this tour without the helicopter ride, in the forest around the town of Skagway, also in a sled pulled by dogs.

I chose the first option which had a cost of $590.00, and without a doubt it was one of the most incredible experience that one can have, I recommend it 100%. The company who is does this tour (it is only one in all Alaska) is very professional and they explain everything you need to do, they even lend you the necessary equipment, the jackets and special boots for the place. The helicopter guide also explains absolutely everything about the glaciers and they are very kind.

Once on top of the mountain, like in a movie! We got into a sled pulled by 8 dogs and 1 guide which ride us around the glaciers and mountains. The experience is incredible and especially when the guide gave me the opportunity to take reins of the sled by myself.

Then in the middle of nothing, we stopped!  In between mountains, it seems one is lost in such an immensity. We took more pictures and also we stop to enjoy the sight (is not a sight you see every day), also for the dogs to rest a bit.  Then we continue our trip around this gigantic white glacier.

The only thing you see around you is white and in the end you can see the very top of a mountain so close to you. Everything is so fantastic and tranquil; it is refreshment to your senses and for a moment feels you want to stay there!

In our return to the base camp, we were permitted to caress the puppies, there are so small. I felt like taking them home!

When the whole adventure finalizes, the helicopter comes back for us to return to the town of Skagway. Definitely this is an experience that you cannot let pass when you visit Alaska.

*Written by Mj*

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